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Emsworth the Enervated Mon May 22 21:36:49 2006
Defenestration Day Eve

I don't know if Michael's still around after his long and thoughtful post yesterday, but tomorrow is Defenestration of Prague Day! I fear it may be the saddest Defenestration day yet, as the strip is nearing the year long anniversary of being dead, I'm falling apart, and I can't even guarantee that Napoleon will be around, but by gosh, we're the Jihad, so even if we are crumbling to dust, we need to give it the good old Toonbots try, dash it!

So throw somebody you love through the window tomorrow!

mouse Wed May 24 00:10:20 2006
Re: Defenestration Day Eve

well, drat - for some reason i always think defenestration day is the 26th. so i have failed again.

i _did_ shut the screen door on the cat that close enough?

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