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Michael Fri Nov 18 23:23:11 2005
Harry Potter Franchise #4 - 10.0

Damn good movie -- better than the book and visually a complete delight. The older offspring and I went to the early showing today (we took her history book and so worked in the day's lesson after getting tickets early -- the Harappan civilization, Mohenjo Daro and all that; we're just starting our comprehensive survey of world history.)

Anyway, this movie is far and away the best of the series so far. I see that there's a new director in town (also directed Four Weddings and a Funeral, which I also liked). I hope they keep him. He's good. I also see it's the most expensive movie of all time ($308 million to make it.) Wow. You know? It shows. It really is a stunningly nice-looking movie.

So. Worth seeing.

Trivia: Goblet of Fire in Spanish is Chaliz de Fuego. In case you ever needed to know. Also, Harry's dragon is a Hungarian Horntail (the offspring likes that sense of ethnic validation.)

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