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Emsworth Wed Nov 16 22:53:54 2005

Things still a little bit rough, but managed to call my sister,. In discussing Spongebob Squarepants, I related an anecdote from the Annie Awards, where the voices of Spongebob and his pal Patrick were presenters. I did the voices, and my sister's kids got such a kick out of them, they kept asking me to do Patrick again... even though my Patrick was really very very bad. Ah, unclehood. True, I don't get to see or talk to them often, but when I do, I get to enjoy most of the privileges and none of the responsibilities (which as Michael has shown, can indeed be great at times).

mouse Thu Nov 17 16:47:34 2005
Re: Awwww...

i personally always wanted to be an aunt. i keep encouraging my brother to get married and have kids.

he always feels it's _my_ obligation to make him an uncle.

honestly, people can be _so_ self-centered.

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