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Michael Mon Aug 29 09:00:31 2005
Ah, the sweet broadband of civilization

We're in Miami. The free WiFi in the hotel is like ... oxygen.

Michael Sat Sep 10 23:42:00 2005
Re: Ah, the sweet broadband of civilization

> We're in Miami.

Well, then we went to Sarasota (the free WiFi at Panera Bread was *really* nice, because I could work for hours nursing a Dr. Pepper, then go get soup and great bread when I got hungry.)

Then we realized that Florida isn't for us (moldy, only carpeted apartments = dust allergy problem, and every apartment we could afford was income-adjusted to exclude us; I really don't know who can manage to live in Florida).

So now we're in Ponce, Puerto Rico, God's own city, I swear it. And by hanging my USB Wifi adaptor on an extension out the window, I can cadge WiFi from some unnamed neighbor, until I can get the cable company or the phone company or *somebody* to give me my own connection.

So: Hi! I'm back!

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