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Michael Tue Aug 23 17:34:11 2005
Budapest Air Show

Last weekend we went to an air show on the Danube. You know, it's cool seeing WWII planes flying low, but seeing them strafe the bridges across the Danube delivers a real impact, history-wise. The airshow was great. The scheduling really sucked, though. It "started" at 12:20 with a 15-minute flight, followed by a break until 3 fricking PM in the sunny afternoon, and if you got up you'd lose your spot in seconds. I got a nice little sunburn, sort of my way of telling my skin to brace for the tropics. But after the actual show started, it was fantastic. They had the aforementioned WWII planes strafing the bridges, they had formation fliers, they had a race in which each lap started with the planes flying *under* the Chain Bridge, they had a trick flier who was actually flying his plane *sideways* down the river, I kid you not, the plane was standing on its tail at a 45-degree angle going sideways for about a minute, from the Margaret Island down to the Castle, they had Tito's "private" four-engine behemoth, they had a supersonic fighter going 85% of the speed of sound -- down the Danube, but not under the Chain Bridge, fortunately for the bridge -- they had an honest-to-God passenger jet flying at rooftop level along the river, they had helicopters with the Hungarian and European flags, man. It was just a day to remember. My daughter figured out how to get the camera to record movie clips, so we have some barrel rolls and the WWII planes and stuff in little jerky animations, and I got a few decent pictures in normal camera mode.

Maybe, once I have broadband after returning to telecomm civilization, I can post some pics of the summer! Woot! (The phone company called yesterday. Remember that DSL order? They're ready to install it. The fact that they hadn't bothered for 4 months apparently hadn't registered on their irony meters.) GPRS was really fun for a couple of weeks. Four months of it, though, has me ready to, well, leave the country.

mouse Wed Aug 24 17:47:55 2005
you gotta come to san diego

> they had an honest-to-God
> passenger jet flying at rooftop level along the river

the approach to lindbergh field is at rooftop level along the freeway.

an amazing sight, really - it always causes me to question my believe in their ability to fly.

we don't have many wwii planes there, though - i'd love to see the pictures.

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