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Michael Wed Jun 1 15:53:20 2005
Twenty-first-century moment #n+3

"Phone Ring Tone to Top British Charts".

I dunno if y'all have heard of Crazy Frog, but after having seen the video of the single made from this ring tone which was adapted from a Web site (Annoying Thing) based on the vocal impression of a two-cycle motor done by a Danish kid in the 90's, my kids think Crazy Frog is the coolest thing ever. Crazy Frog drives an invisible moped and for some unknown reason is being pursued by something which is launching missiles at him.

One of my daughter's comic strips is the continuing adventures of Crazy Frog and Wild Gerbil.

Anyway, I can't decide whether this is a XXIst Century moment or a European moment. Maybe it's both. Maybe (hey) it's equivalent. One thing's for sure: as soon as my DSL is hooked up, I'm going over to my Russian MP3 site and buying the new hit single "Crazy Frog Axel F". All the cool kids have it.

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