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Michael Thu May 12 02:00:47 2005
Twenty-first-century moment #n+2

So here in Hungary, on the talk shows and news, they also have a little ticker across the bottom like CNN does. Only here, the ticker contains whatever SMS messages the viewing audience is sending to the special number on the screen.

So TV, here, is a collaborative process, involving the participation of the viewing audience. How cool is that?

My daughter, on hearing this, said, "So could I send in, 'George Bush is stupid'?" And I said, "Sure." She mulled it over and said, "But could they trace it back to my phone?" Um, yeah. My American daughter is worried about government reprisal for expressing her political opinion. And my conclusion is that *HUNGARY* has more freedom of speech than the UNITED STATES of fricking AMERICA.

What a truly odd century this is shaping up to be. TV is interactive, and freedom is something you find in Eastern Europe. Up is down, and chocolate cake is health food.

Jenn Thu May 12 09:01:11 2005
Re: Twenty-first-century moment #n+2

I think it's remarkable that your daughter thought it through....what, have you been parenting or something? Impulse control! Where will it lead?!?

Yesterday on the subway I watched a 5 year old rhythmicaly swinging his leg and hence kicking the middle aged secretary sitting next to him repeatedly while his father did not a darn thing.

My mother would have been appalled and made me apologize.

Also...Hungary has healthy chocolate cake? Why have you been withholding this paradise from me?

mouse Thu May 12 17:44:49 2005
behold, the power of chocolate

> Also...Hungary has healthy chocolate cake? Why have you been withholding
> this paradise from me?

chocolate has _always_ been healthy. you should read the science news. it reduces tooth decay, elevates mood, and now seems to combat insuline insensitivity. (although that is only dark chocolate - but of course, as any chocolate connoisseur knows, dark chocolate is the only _real_ chocolate)

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