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Michael Tue Mar 15 20:54:36 2005
Wave collapse

Our future is now relatively fixed: we're off to Hungary again, hopefully for at least a year. (I say "hopefully" because I'd like a few consecutive months without significant travel in order to get into better financial shape, sigh.) Yes, we're travelling by ship again. :-)

Here's a fun thing. We've rented a minivan from Budget in Ft. Lauderdale. But if we picked it up Monday (14th) it was $1100 for the month, while pickup one day later is Florida high season, so the total would be $2100 for the same month (minus a day). So yesterday I flew to Florida, rented the car, put it in long-term parking, and flew back to San Juan. Until we sell our van (which in turn depends on getting a stupid PIECE OF PAPER physically in my hands here in Puerto Rico, viz, the title to the van, which the bank maintains they sent LAST MONDAY) we can't leave Puerto Rico. Dammit. Otherwise we'd already be in Florida in our already-rented van, driving to Indiana for a nice family and friends visit preparatory to going to Hungary.

So anyway. That's the scoop, you heard it here first.

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