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Emworth Wed Jan 26 22:09:13 2005
Quack Quack

No, this is not a biting commentary on the current state of the medical profession. Rather, it is my reaction to a most pleasing circumstance. Preparing to depart come the morrow (4 a.m.) for LA, I suddenly find that, all too appropriately, to pquench one's thirst on the road and at hurried motel-room breakfasts, Mom had purchased a most beloved old staple. None other than cans of Donald Duck orange juice. Why a duck should ever have come to be shilling orange juice, apart from the popularity of roast duck in orange sauce, remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Yet it has ensured that the fellow's visage has remained firmly entrenched in the hearts and memories not only of video and film watchers, but of grocery store shoppers as well. Donald Duck OJ< we salute you!

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