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Michael Sun Jan 16 21:18:14 2005
Hero - 10.0


Now that's what I call movie-making. I'm starting to notice a pattern as to which movies I find most eminently watchable. The more they integrate beautiful pictures, engaging story, and appropriate music, the better they please me. A movie of this type approaches opera and I find I can watch it again and again.

Hero (starring Jet Li) is such a movie. Indeed, it is a remarkable example of this ... non-genre. Set in the pre-Qin past of China, when the King of Qin aspires to be the Emperor of China (and succeeded, which is why we call China China [note: 'Q' in the Pin-yin Romanization of Chinese is a "ch" sound]), it features truly great music, emotionally wrenching scenes of poignant beauty expressed in things like widened eyes and single tears, some really nice kung-fu swordplay, and even some nicely played philosophy.

Not just worth the watching -- it's one of the very few DVDs I consider worth actually buying.

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