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mcity4 Tue Nov 30 02:12:34 2004
Marlboro $15.95with delivery at!

Marlboro $15.95with delivery at!

Famous brand cigarettes with delivery around the world !

Marlboro $15.95 / Kent $18.95 Camel $15.95 / B&H $14.95 WEST $14.95 / Captain Black $26.95 BOND $12.95 / M.Carlo $13.95 Davidoff $20.95 / Vogue $20.95 Magna $14.95 / More $14.95 Dunhill $21.95 / Rothmans $17.95 Cigaronne $29.95 / L&M $13.95 Winston $15.95 / Parliament $19.95 Dunhill International $22.95 / Lucky Strike $15.95

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Emsworth Tue Nov 30 15:20:10 2004
Lung Cancer, $15.95 with delivery!

When one's feeling slightly wacky, And has a craving for tobacky, When chaws and snuff simply won't do, And your pipe is coated in mildew, There's but a single source, to which you have recourse.

Cigarettes! With delivery! Dropped at your day, by men in livery! Admittedly the smoke attacks your lungs, But enjoy the horrid vices while you're young!

From Luckys to Chesterfields, Camel to Marlboro, These former radio sponsors, Will ease your throat like a barber, oh!

So if one is longing, For a self-destructive habit, And doesn't have the time to Play with rabid rabbits, Then hearken to the constant vendors, And smoke a pack of Luckies 'til you die!

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