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Emsworth the Enterprising Fri Oct 29 00:02:03 2004
Animation Book, Over 13.95 Free Delivery!

What ho, all. I'm tired of not getting paid by schoolboard, pressured over grad school costs, and contemplativer after my birthday weekend, so I've decided if Marlboro Man can shill here, so can I.

So here's the deal. "Animation Art: From Pencil to Piexel, the History of Cartoon, Animne & CGI" is now for sale by Harper Collins. It contains three essays by yours truly. Bookstores are carrying it for $45. However, I ave an author's discount which allows me to order almost any number of books (have to check to see if there's a limit, but according to my contract, there shouldn't be) for $27. For that cost, plus a donation amount between 10 and 15 dollars or more, you lucky Jihad members can receive the Emsworth Super Fun Animation Pack. In addition to a signed copy of the book (and if desired, my own witty commentary next to the erroneous captions or odd/incongruous image choices), one can receive all or most of the following:

A beanbag stuffed animal of a beloved Hanna-Barbera character, your choice (range includes Penelope Pitstop, Hong Kong Phooey, and Speed Buggy; Baba Looey and a few others are not for sale).

A used but good condition Wodehouse book (*not* from my personal collection, but from handy used bookstore which right now has a bumper crop; my choice, in most cases, unless you state a preference and I can get my hands on it)

Burned CD of radio oddities, with liner notes by yours truly.

Wolverine sketches, but of course. (Your choice of pose, wolverines, caption, etc.)

Depending on the amount of the donation, and the difficulty of the task, a video cassette of animation goodies from my collection.

Hey, at least my package won't corrode your lungs, and you know it's for a good cause: Helping Emsworth go to grad school and finally move out of parents' house!

mouse Fri Oct 29 17:32:38 2004
Re: Animation Book, Over 13.95 Free Delivery!

wow - that's a pretty good deal! (and i would consider getting you to graduate school would be a good cause) sign me up!

..although first i need to go through and see what wodehouses i already have -

but seriously - i'm up for it.

(however, i do trust the school board will pay you eventually - i'm afraid you may end up operating at a loss with all the extras)

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