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gopher Sun Sep 19 01:23:53 2004

I just thought I'd mention, since I'm the one living in the southeast and all, that Ivan did in fact rain down destruction on one near the jihad. Even way the hell inland in Atlanta, we got about 5 inches of rain, and any wimpy trees not felled by Frances came down. Some traffic lights on Highway 41 in Fulton Country are still out as of today. I think that just about every school in the metro area closed, except for the ones in the city. Georgia Tech, of course, isn't exactly a good metric for the severity of weather, since they closed due to snow all of once during my stay there, and snow was bad enough to close roads several more times than that.

Basically, what I'm saying is that it rained a lot. And winded, too. And nearly sank New Orleans, but turned away at the last minute.

mouse Sun Sep 19 14:04:04 2004
Re: Ivan

wow, gopher! hope you made it through relatively unscathed. i saw a weather map of ivan's track - i thought hurricanes tended to run up the atlantic coast, looks like ivan snuck around the back. just the sort of commie trick one would expect from a north korean hurricane.

gopher Sun Sep 19 17:47:01 2004
Re: Ivan

> wow, gopher! hope you made it through relatively unscathed.

Yeah, Frances actually caused more damage where I live : a tree fell on a car, and another fell on the corner of the apartment building I live in, damaging the roof two stories up. The damage brought on by Ivan was mostly in making traffic inconvenient and creating a lot of "HOLY CRAP, FLOODING!" news stories. Ivan was also way cooler to watch. At work we kept refreshing the weather radar images, waiting for the big orange and red band and watching the deluge from safely inside on the 13th floor. We have a good view of I-285 at Cobb Parkway, and watching the traffic snarl up and fade behind sheets of rain was exciting.

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