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gopher Wed Sep 1 09:45:20 2004
Rock you like a hurricane

Hey, Michael, has Frances totally destroyed your new life yet? From the satellite images Frances appears to have kind of brushed by Puerto Rico and is currently busy screwing up Haiti, but, as the current Toonbots so eagerly demonstrate, viewing water vapor from the cold, emotionless depths of space does no justice to the human situation and harsh, dramatic realities of nature. The comics seem only appropriate to our treatment of hurricanes: we personify them with French-sounding names like Frances and Gaston, we watch their every movement, cowering in fear, yet there is a child-like playfulness in the 135 mi/h gusts and cocentric eye walls. Even the NHC forecaster can't help but wax dramatic, slipping in a quiet "INDEED..." before returning to discussions of millibars and wind maxima.

So, are you homeless, or what?

Michael Thu Sep 2 00:21:26 2004
Re: Rock you like a hurricane

> Hey, Michael, has Frances totally destroyed your new life yet?

Nope. It rained a little yesterday. And was cloudy all day yesterday and clearing today. All the kids got -- no joke -- a HURRICANE DAY off school yesterday. So naturally they ordered a pizza and played in the pool all day. I love this place.

I gather they didn't even get much on the northern side of the island, but I couldn't swear to it. I'm sure the waves there were impressive. Here, nothin. Kind of disappointing for our first tropical storm.

> So, are you homeless, or what?

Not even close. They build with concrete here for a reason, you see -- it withstands hurricanes without having to be tied down like wooden buildings. And it's the concrete-and-tile construction that led us to choose Puerto Rico in the first place, over Florida I mean. That, and Puerto Rico's governor isn't a fascist son of a ... well, anyway, the construction there wasn't mold-free. So we came here. Politics had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, concrete means that even if we'd got hit, we'd (most likely) be fine. Alles klar.

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