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Michael Wed Feb 4 22:02:38 2004
The Medallian - 9.1

Jackie Chan at his best in all areas of talent: kicking ass, lame humor, pretty-girl sidekicks, and wacky-guy sidekicks. Yes, he has two sidekicks in this movie, which was an inspired move, I can tell you.

Plus the bad guy (an Irish smuggler with a seriously bad-ass lair in a ruined castle) was a pretty darned good bad guy. And there was a Golden Child. Supernatural powers. And a David-Bowie-in-the-Escher-print scene, even! This movie just plain HAS EVERYTHING.

So basically, it's like this. If you like Jackie Chan, you'll like The Medallion. And if you don't like Jackie Chan, you won't. Real easy. And if you ever wondered how Jackie would handle wire work, the answer appears to be "pretty damned well."

I may watch it again tonight.

Michael Wed Feb 4 22:03:34 2004
The typo

Dang. I hate that. Medallion, for those of you following at home, has only one 'a'.

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