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Emsworth the Insomniac Mon Jan 19 07:49:02 2004

Unable to sleep, so you are all the beneficiaries of my exhausted red-eyed creativity. Behold, the second piece of wolverine art for the New Year. Sadly, it scanned extremely poorly due to translucency (the Pink Panther did much better), and snout and ear proportions need work (had an earlier one which was better, but the snout deflated). Still...

spinclad Mon Jan 19 09:27:08 2004
Re: Inflata-Wolverine


(without the final slash, of course:


one hesitates whether it were safer to admit or deny seeing the resemblance... i think on the whole Gwendolyn, at least, might be persuaded to finding in it a flattering likeness... of her brother...

inflatable sculpture is a difficult medium. bravo for a true _tour de force premiere_.

mouse Mon Jan 19 21:06:21 2004
Re: Inflata-Wolverine

> inflatable sculpture is a difficult medium. bravo for a true _tour de
> force premiere_.

well, this is true - especially when one is portraying an animal with so many pointy bits. one senses that a deflating snout would be the least of one's worries...

Jenn Sun Jan 25 13:53:41 2004
Re: Inflata-Wolverine

Thanks for telling us about that slashy thingie, spinclad...

After I froze up the browser three times trying to get to that one, I was gonna post about how the wolverines must be shy and destroying my computer rather than let me look at their likeness.

I must join in the praise for this new artwork by Emsworth. One wondered, after the resounding success of his Portrait Series, if he would be brave enough to explore other mediums. I am pleased to report that his daliance into rubber is refreshing and playfully presented, the composition is outstanding, and the juxtaposition of traditional setting plays delightfully off of the exciting new medium. A must see!

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