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Michael Fri Jan 2 23:25:12 2004
Bats -- cool

So my son was complaining about having to go to bed, and after a while it turned out that he was also complaining about something flying around in the dark in his room. Yes, a small Indiana brown bat had entered through the open (and in "winter"time screenless) window.

Bats are cool.

My son required a little persuasion on this point. But after the bat had finally tired out to the point where I could get a towel over it and pick it up, my son thought it was a pretty cute little animal (which they are). And out the window it went, and the garage was duly searched for the screen, which was reinstalled until it actually turns into winter again. If it ever does.

This was the third time a bat has gotten in the house. They're so neat. They fly like magic. Even when panicked they don't flutter around like birds, they just waft silently back and forth looking for a WAY frickin OUT of this place.

mouse Sat Jan 3 15:01:42 2004
Re: Bats -- cool

i haven't seen a bat in years, although they supposedly live in this area...but since the cat hasn't brought one in, i guess not in this neighborhood.

only problem is, they seem to spread all kinds of nasty diseases (besides rabies, even)

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