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Jenn Mon Dec 29 12:08:10 2003
Christmas Joy! was everyone's Christmas/Holiday/Ignoring of Holiday Cause They Don't Believe in That?

I went back to Ohio for Christmas (where no one said the word 'tuke' to me, strangely enough). It was...pleasant. And I mean that. No drunken uncles on Christmas Eve and even my demented grandmother behaved herself.

A deer came and stood in the pine trees outside my parent's new house during Christmas dinner and my brother managed to only make one joke about shooting it.

Only one very shortlived political argument, and zero religious arguments!

It was truly a Christmas miracle.

mouse Fri Jan 2 01:01:00 2004
Re: Christmas Joy!

happy holidays, all!

spent mine at my mom's, with my brother. it was a bit hectic for me - my mom's been a bit under the weather, so i was running around dong the errands and the cooking and stuff (the upside, of course, is that it meant minimal time spent with The Cousins). and now i'm back at my place, working hard at clearing up the garden (in preparation for the building being painted) and _finally_ clearing out the second room (or at least starting to) and dealing with the sudden urge to bake lots of bread.

at this rate, i'm going to be really happy to get back to work, where i can at least sit down and catch my breath....

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