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Emsworth the Exhausted Tue Jul 22 21:02:07 2003
Con Image #1 (Wolverines Sketch!)

Too tired right now to write a more detailed report, but managed to scan a sketch given to me by my friend Chris "CJ" Garver, who mouse and I met at the Con (though I never did show it to mouse.)

It's enormous (original size) because the pencil was too light, and was unable to darken it at the time (may try to fix it next time I'm on campus if I have time.) Depicts self as a literate pirate (with monocle in place of eye-patch), adorably scurvy wolverines at my feet, and a model of the Discworld, as well as a ship in a bottle of Leninade, on the shelf:

mouse Wed Jul 23 16:57:08 2003
Re: Con Image #1 (Wolverines Sketch!)

excellent! - i can actually hear the wolverine with the earring snarling 'arrrgh' in appropriate piratical fashion. and is your cane now sporting a trigger assembly? this would suggest you are walking with a concealed blunderbus (which would actually be quite practical - the flared muzzle should give you a nice stable base).

thank chris for us!

CJ Wed Jul 23 20:52:10 2003
Re: Con Image #1 (Wolverines Sketch!)

> thank chris for us!

You're very welcome, and thanks much for the comments and good observation (admittedly, I didn't have a blunderbuss in mind at the time, but it makes a lot of sense, so that'll be the story I stick with from now on). Knew I should've brought my inking pens to the con. Heh, well, no biggie. Thanks again!

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