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Michael Wed Jan 3 18:31:18 2001
Woo-hoo! Summer is saved!

So this year, my wife says, she says, "This year we're not going to Europe because for once I want to stay in town and get some research done." My daughter (to whom Budapest is something of a cross between the Promised Land and Valhalla, except that we actually get to go there every year) was sorely disappointed, and so was I -- Budapest in the summer is just plain a nice place to be. The food is cheap and good, the weather is generally excellent, there are lots and lots of things to do (all of which are about a tenth the price of the corresponding thing to do in Indiana, but better, because Budapest is after all the capital of a whole country, if a small one.) We know about ten thousand kids my daughter's age, there are cousins and aunts and grandparents, and there is a functional public transit and train system if you want to do a little sightseeing.

So, as it turns out, there are two big kaon-physics conferences this year. One's in Rome at the end of July, and my wife will likely be presenting a paper there, so she was starting to lean into maybe flying to Hungary as usual and going down to Rome for the week.

So, you may ask, where's the other conference? They just determined it. It's in Budapest. There is a God.

Ah, summer in Budapest -- followed by a week in Rome. Coooooool.

nd Thu Jan 4 17:47:13 2001
Re: Woo-hoo! Summer is saved!

I actually feel as though summer has been saved as well. For the last few years, something has always interrupted my plans to go to Europe. I've only as yet been to other countries in this hemisphere and seeing as how I'm from Texas and all, one of them doesn't even count. But, my tax return actually weighs in on the side of the angels for a change. Maybe I'll swing by the UK and see if I can still out drink Burke's dad...

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