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Michael Sat Jul 12 20:03:36 2003
Did I miss anything?

Hi. I've been busy.

mouse Sun Jul 13 14:35:43 2003
Re: Did I miss anything?

wow - i am truly impressed with jenn's power. not only did she reactivate the board, she brought michael back to life, and got us a new toon!

i am humbled and in awe.

oh yeah, what you missed.......well, outside of world events, not much.

Jenn Sun Jul 13 18:45:44 2003
Re: Did I miss anything?

I sent the wolverines on a reconnaissance mission to Undisclosed, Europe.

It's a little known fact that after World War II, a town on the border of the Ukraine and Texas declared itself a separate sovereignty and renamed itself 'Undisclosed'.

This had the effect of immediately becoming virtually unseeable by all of the world's governmental organizations, and 'Undisclosed' summarily vanished from all maps.

In the 70's, legend has it, the crown prince of Undisclosed chose to go to Indiana for his education. While there, he met a simple farm girl of great personal beauty, fell in love and was married. Shortly thereafter, the populace of Undisclosed celebrated the birth of the new crown Prince.

The crown Prince, being a joint citizen of the US and Undisclosed, grew up travelling from his sumptuous palatial resort in Indiana to his equally lovely ancestral castle in Undisclosed.

All was well until the King suddenly became ill. The Prince flew to his side, but despite his best efforts and constant attendance, the King grew steadily weaker and finally subcumbed. The nation was plunged into deepest mourning, which they solemnly kept for the traditional three months. And then the nation rejoiced to crown it's new king.

But things had taken a turn for the worse back in the land of Indiana. The wolverines, lacking in guidance, had taken to less and less destruction. The final straw came when Napolean returned home to catch them in the middle of a tea party. Something had to be done. A crack squad of those still tough enough to eat their way through a travel agent were dispersed to Undisclosed.

Their mission? To return the King to his rightful position.

My name is Jenn. And these are my Wolverine Angels.

mouse Mon Jul 14 14:35:10 2003
Re: Did I miss anything?

i can't wait to see how this comes out on the alternate-reality toonbots forum...

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