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Comrade Emsworth Sat Jul 5 13:43:24 2003
Life imitates Toonbots, sort of...

If Michael ever returns from Hungary and bothers to update Toonbots again, he needs to work this in. A beverage concern called Real Soda has produced and is currently marketing a soft drink called Leninade, The Simple Soviet-Style Soda. Apparently uses real cane sugar and combines cirtus and berry flavor. Advertised as "A refreshing 'pink' lemonade. Great for when you feel the walls crashing down around you." Additional slogans include "Get Hammered and Sickled!" and "A Taste Worth Standing in Line For."

For further details, since the manufacturer's website is down:

mouse Sun Jul 6 14:09:55 2003
Re: Life imitates Toonbots, sort of...

oh my - that's a rather deep 'pink'.

but what a great idea for a line - you could have mao tai mixer, trotstea, castro-oil...well, maybe not.

spinclad Mon Jul 7 02:12:03 2003
Re: Life imitates Toonbots, sort of...

malenkoffee, with a shot of raspberia cordial... well, perhaps not all have found it entirely cordial;

Chris Wed Jul 9 00:00:21 2003
Re: Life imitates Toonbots, sort of...

And we cannot, of course, forget Marshal Teato and Ho Chi Mint.

On the carbonated front we have Orange Khrushchev, Berryzhnev, and -- for the daring consumer -- Grapechev.

[/walrus polishing kit]

And if those last three fail as beverages, Otter Pops could always use some amusing new names.

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