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Emsworth Fri Jun 13 21:41:32 2003

The path drags on for a seemingly interminable distance, with innumerabl obstacles and potholes and roadblocks and vagrants and political campaigners and trash strewn along the way. The destination to which it all leads seems unobtainable, and yet we all will come to it. Some attempt to hold off and stop at roadside diners, others press on and hope to reach it soon, or wish there was some quicker transportation, so they could at last find some repose, peace of mind, and utter stillness.

No Michael, this is not a suicide note, per se, just a bout of self-expression as a means, no doubt futile, of relieving some things. My operation is on Monday and a live action/CGI Peabody and Sherman film is on the way.

mouse Sat Jun 14 14:02:27 2003
Re: Life

i'll be thinking of you monday - hope the operation goes well, and you heal up quickly, so you can hike around comic con to your heart's content. (and with the pain gone, hopefully you won't notice the vagrants and political campaigners (is there a difference?) (bad mouse!) quite so much - there are one or two flowers along the way, as well.)

ooo - peabody and sherman? that sounds promising! (i _love_ mr. peabody!)

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