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Michael Mon Jan 27 13:25:03 2003
S1m0ne - 9.8

I laughed myself silly on this one. I gather it tanked in the cinemas, but it was an excellent movie. It would have had a 10 except the ending needed some work. Just a taaad too deus ex machina even for a movie about a star ex machina.

Al Pac1n0, of course, was excellent. I've never really seen him in a comedic role that I can remember, but he's one of those guys who can do anything he wants to.

All in all, a good rental.

Ilya Olenskaya - Critic Extra-ordinary. Wed Jan 29 07:33:12 2003
Re: S1m0ne - 9.8

Al Pachino now makes a living being a parody of Al Pachino.

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