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Michael Wed Jan 1 14:59:21 2003
Pluto Nash - 9.5

This one netted a 4.1 on the IMDb from 530 votes. I honestly don't know why. I go into Eddie Murphy movies nowadays expecting the worst possible -- but this movie really rocked! It was the best Murphy flick since 48 hours. Plus somebody obviously had some fun with the sci-fi details (let's face it; if anybody involved with a movie likes sci-fi at all, it shows. This says nothing about sci-fi, and everything about the idiots in Hollywood and the low quality of sci-fi movies in general.)

See, Eddie Murphy *can* act, he really can. It's just that his scripts usually either cast him as a hamming idiot, or just suck in general. This script was halfway decent and cast him as an actual human being. I loved it.

Hillary Clinton on the $10,000 bill made me laugh. An ad for patented epoxy lumbar vertebrae replacements (better than the original!) Randy Quaid as a hilarious robot. ("Hi, Baaaaoss!") The robot voices had these charming little vocoder riffs in them.

Eh. Definitely worth a rental, and far better than a 4.1 on the IMDb.

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