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Michael Fri Nov 1 00:10:14 2002
Trick or treat

I love this neighborhood. What a haul!

Eschewing my usual Darth Vader helmet in favor of being able to breathe and see, I used the same getup, plus a staff I pulled out of the brushpile out back (honeysuckle, that stuff grows like weeds) and hey presto! a wizard. My daughter was an enchantress, my son was a cowboy, my wife was a queen (first time she ever dressed up, too) -- and we all made out like bandits.

The kids' buckets filled up after an hour or so. I had to dump it into the front of my sweater and carry it around like a kangaroo pouch.

A lot of fun.

mouse Fri Nov 1 19:46:57 2002
Re: Trick or treat

i've been trying to stick to a diet, so didn't buy candy this year so i wouldn't be tempted to eat it; spent yesterday evening at the office, until i figured all the little goblins had gone home.

so what have i been doing all day today? eating all the leftover candy my co-workers brought in.......

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