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spinclad Sun Oct 6 14:48:46 2002
Giant Spider Pirates

> The notion of giant spider pirates, of course, needs no further exposition.

So, after this you're giving them the axe?

I dunno. Their present depiction differs greatly from Boxjam's, of course, but obtains a certain concreteness that the wolverines', for example, as yet lacks (or disdains). But think of the potential held in reserve (perhaps better so) in an encounter with the peacemobile. [Scenario suppressed as spoiler material]...

mouse Sun Oct 6 15:19:23 2002
Re: Giant Spider Pirates

hmmm - my dyslexia seems to be acting up - i read that as 'explaination', and of course no truly cool person would need giant spider pirates explained. further exposed, though - that can surely be done.

however, since there is already something on the order of 2 X e^3.14159... plotlines hanging around unfinished, perhaps best not bring in another - expecially one with the possibility to create a whole new web of activities.....

by the way - did you realize toonbots is nearing its 2nd birthday?

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