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Brother Emsworth Mon Sep 9 07:02:03 2002
Operation Enduring Wolverine (9/09)

What *is* wrong with that name after all? It certainly has my utmost support.

Sympathies about breaking the archive and all that rot.

mouse Mon Sep 9 14:28:17 2002
Re: Operation Enduring Wolverine (9/09)

it's certainly better than many of the options. i tried the site and got 'huffy daisy' (which i _love_) and 'smite the hummus' - seems like that might be a fitting one for our war with iraq (i know, i know - no decision yet, just exploring options, of course we'll talk to everyone first...) although i'm will to be bet they're more likely to go with 'enraged democracy' (which also came up)

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