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surfer Fri Aug 23 09:51:40 2002

Wow, It sure has been slow since I was here last. Anyhow, You guys should know that when I have a problem now, I come to you for help..So, if any of you knows how to decipher email mumbo jumbo..I could use soome help. I have been getting blank emails lately, and I would assume that they were spam, except the last one I got appeared to be from an old friend of mine..and when I replied, it bounced back. When I went into the header I see that it wasnt from him at all, now I have gotten another, different from name, different subject, same source..when I open the source though, it has all this crap in there i cant read, (i am no comp language guru..).So, if any of you is bored, and thinks maybe they can help, please email me.

surfer Fri Aug 23 17:44:35 2002
Re: help?

>Thanks Michael, I ran all sorts of scans and even downloaded the tool to get rid of it, just in case it was there, But, thankfully, I am clean. I really appreciate it. I was beginning to think I was being stalked by some optonline wacko! Glad to know it was nothing more than a worm.

Michael Fri Aug 23 20:57:41 2002
Re: help?

Klez drives me crazy. My Dad got one ostensibly from me (probably from my uncle John) and called me up to say that the game I sent him didn't work and what was he doing wrong? He was rather nonplussed to discover that just because my name was on it, I didn't necessarily send it. I asked him whether my English was *ever* as bad as Klez-ese, and he hemmed and hawed a bit, but I think that honestly, it just didn't occur to him that some of us use actual English grammar when typing.

Oy. And just today, my great-uncle Hack emailed saying *he* couldn't get my game to work either. I think I'm going to have to have some words with Uncle John....

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