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Michael Fri Jul 26 11:11:56 2002
County Fair (repost from blog)

We went to the Monroe County Fair yesterday. Ate hot dogs and giant tenderloins and funnel cakes and felt a little sick afterwards, slid down the giant slide and went on the Ferris wheel, and speculated on the SEE HEADLESS WOMAN STILL ALIVE, inspected the chickens and the bunnies and the cows and the hogs, tried to understand what the auctioneer was saying, watched the four-wheeler racing, got lots of balloons and a fresh supply of notepads from the local politicians, listened to some pretty good live country and gospel music by local musicians (Bloomington has a *lot* of extremely good local musicians), paid too much for some silly pick-up-the-boat-and-win-a-prize thing, the prizes consisting of two plastic ninja swords and a really big inflatable hammer, and just generally had a really fun time.

Now that's the real America. And you know? Terrorism can't touch it.

mouse Fri Jul 26 14:40:24 2002
fairs rule!

i hit the san diego county (formerly del mar) fair myself, just before the 4th. fairs are truly wonderful. and you're right - like most other truly american things, terrorism hasn't got a chance. i don't want to belittle the idea of death - the loss of a single life is undeniably awful - but when you really get down to it, most of what makes us what we are is not something that any outsider can really touch - all the joys of communities and political (and other) discussions, and voting, and just life in general - fairs and barbeques and malls, even - and decent (mostly) roads, and fresh food. and just the sense of being an american - i mean, look at the world trade center cleanup - that got done _months_ early, because so many people just naturally pitched in. we are the only ones who can kill that - which of course is why the current administration is so frightening.

but enough of that - back to fairs! did yours have racing pigs? for some reason i always stop to watch that - it's just so silly. and i always like getting to check out the animals, and all the garden stuff (this year there was a display that has finally inspired me to try growing succulents)....and of course, all the horrible unhealthy food that one just _has_ to have, just this once.....

Brother Emsworth Fri Jul 26 15:12:41 2002
Our State Fair is a Great State Fair...

Sniff. I really need to go to a fair some day, I feel so deprived. My mother grew up in rural Arkansas in the 40's and 50's, so she naturally experienced several fairs, but I've never been to one. I want to watch pigs race, dash it all! And eat watermelon and fall in love on a ferris wheel and watch Donald Meek get drunk at the pickle contest (wait, that's "State Fair" again.)

Food, festivities, and livestock, and the many odiferous scents associated with them! Le Sigh. Rodgers and Hammerstein songs about it aren't quite the same.

mouse Sat Jul 27 22:15:05 2002
Re: Our State Fair is a Great State Fair...

poor emsworth! there isn't even a county fair around el paso? - even county fairs can be fun, if there's a large enough population. definitely a fair is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime (especially while you are still young enough to handle all the fried food)

spinclad Tue Jul 30 01:20:38 2002
Re: County Fair (repost from blog)


Well... I had a sister once that was the neckless type...

> Now that's the real America. And you know? Terrorism can't touch it.

mouse Tue Jul 30 13:45:03 2002
Re: County Fair (repost from blog)

> Well... I had a sister once that was the neckless type...

you know....a pearl neckless, a diamond neckless....lucky girl.

(credit for idea: c. lafemme)

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