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surfer Sun Jul 21 06:54:10 2002
how about...Hangnails?

I have a couple. Why do they hurt so much? And, why are they called hangnails? Hangnail gives the impression that a nail is hanging, when actually a piece of skin is hanging. Why not hangskin?

mouse Sun Jul 21 14:00:05 2002
Re: how about...Hangnails?

ok, we are _not_ that boring.

(and it comes from agnail, ang- meaning painful or ange meaning vexatious) (nail of course means nail)

so maybe the thing to ask is, what's everyone doing with their summer vacation? (clearly everyone is out doing _something_)

Brother Emsworth Sun Jul 21 17:50:03 2002
Vexingly varied vacationing avocations

>so maybe the thing to ask is, what's everyone doing with their summer >vacation? (clearly everyone is out doing _something_)

Well, I've continued my animation research. Expended a great deal of time and money in acquiring books from inter-library loan (finally managed to find Canemaker's book on Disney's Nine Old Men), and on renting certain films, so as to double-check the accuracy of my credit lists. And related to all this, waiting with increased impatience for Michael to take care of the technical thingummies so I can finally put my animated feature resource.

Also become a member of APAtoons (, an informal members only animation journal (contributors include the likes of Milton Gray, whop worked on the seminal animation journal "Funnyworld" and animated on FRITZ THE CAT; Keith Scott, Australian voice actor, current voice of Bullwinkle, and author of THE MOOSE THAT ROARED, all about the Jay Ward studios; and Greg Duffel, Warners animation expert who also animated on a couple of recent Chuck Jones projects in the early 90's. Lots of people to whom I can ask questions!) Also put up a tribute page to Disney animator Ward Kimball, who animated Jiminy Cricket and the crows in Dumbo, and who passed away on July 8: My friend Kristy Borkes, webmaster for Voicechasers, was kind enough to lend me the space.

Currently have a couple of relatives spending the week with us, my maternal uncle David and his wife, and we'll take them to the tramway and on a tour of Juarez and whatnot.

And next month, from August 15 through the 19th, I'll be in or around Disneyland with my favorite aunt (with whom I can discuss character actors and sing Disney songs with), and plan to meet up with Napoleon and her friend Becky on one day, do some rides, maybe catch LILO AND STITCH again if it's still playing (Nappy hasn't seen it; she should, it has a defenestration!)

And on August 26th, the fall semester starts again. Think I'll be able to handle it with less stress and without any traumatic life endangering incidents, though. I do need another surgery to correct the limping, which the mater had hoped to have taken care of before the semester starts, but now have to either arrange it during the school year and try to plan ahead to minimize the academic interruptions, or else wait and have it done during the Christmas holidays or something. Still trying to find a means of paying for the thing to begin with, though, so could be a good while yet.

Patrick Sun Jul 21 23:48:30 2002
Re: Vexingly varied vacationing avocations

Wow. I don't have nearly as interesting a tale to tell. I've been busy, up until now, with summer classes; Statistics, and an Anthropology course (Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion.) The two made for an interesting combination. Aside from that, I've been working on my writing, when time and mood allow it. My protracted absence from this forum can of course not be explained simply by these things, but there is a perfectly good explanation; I tend to do this sort of thing. I vanish for ridiculous lengths of time, then return for no apparent reason. It's just one of those things, I suppose.

I just noticed that I used quite a lot of semi-colons in that last paragraph; I'm given to wonder why, but shall avoid such ponderings, for fear I shall employ this overused punctuation further.

Patrick Burroughs

mouse Mon Jul 22 15:49:37 2002
Re: Vexingly varied vacationing avocations

there is nothing wrong with using semicolons (although i think the first, and possibly the second, should have been full colons.) _my_ summer looks to be rather dull - took some time off around the 4th, and got none of the things i planned to do done (well, i did get to the fair). may take a day off to go to comic-con, just to see what all the fuss is about. my only other goal for the summer is to get to the zoo before they send the panda back to china (which will happen 1) almost immediately; 2) before the end of the year; or 3) not at all - choose one).

Emsworth Mon Jul 22 16:03:33 2002
Re: Vexingly varied vacationing avocations

> may take a day off to go to comic-con, just to see what all the fuss is >about.

I envy you. Voice actors in attendance at various panels this year will include Gary Owens (Space Ghost and Roger Ramjet), Janet Waldo (Judy Jetson and Penelope Pitstop), Bob Bergen (current voice of Porky Pig), Greg Burson (current voice of Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, more), and Casey Kasem (Shaggy). The National Cartoonists Society will be present, including Bil Keane. Independent animator Bill Plympton will be screening his latest feature film, "Mutant Aliens," which I was really hoping to see on the big screen (have to wait for video, probably.) Brad Guigar may or may not be attending the Keen-Con this year, who knows. And there will be free cake at the Speed Racer 35th Birthday Party! Plus an inordinate amount of grown men and women dressed as Jedi, Klingons, Stormtroopers, and maybe the odd Wookie.

Not sure what day you plan on going (really, more than one day is advisable), but may I suggest going on Friday, for Scott Shaw!'s Oddball Comics Slideshow, if nothing else. All those werird comic covers I've been linking to and more, including Flash turning into a marionet, Lois Lane becoming a black woman, and so forth. Great commentary and discussion by Mr. Shaw!

Let us know how you enjoyed it if you go. Hoping to get down there again next year. Maybe if you go again, and if we can pick up Napoleon, we can make a mini-Jihad pilgrimage out of it.

mouse Mon Jul 22 16:15:06 2002
Re: Vexingly varied vacationing avocations

> Hoping to get down there again
> next year. Maybe if you go again, and if we can pick up Napoleon, we can
> make a mini-Jihad pilgrimage out of it.

sounds like a plan! i'm hoping to go friday (if things at work aren't too hectic) - else saturday.

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