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Brother Emsworth Tue May 14 23:01:43 2002
Random links of possible interest

The Adventures of Li'l Bill & Hill and Friends Fansite ( An impressive tribute to a mythical TV cartoon, probably more fun as a parody of fan sites than for the dated political references. I love the fact that Ken Starr was voiced by June Foray, though.

The Smoking Gun: Backstage Pass ( This part of the Smoking Gun site features contract riders of assorted rock groups, singers, and other entertainers. The lists of demands can be quite interesting and often very amusing. Luciano Pavarotti wants a golf cart in his dressing room, Christina Aguilera needs Flintstone Chewable Vitamins, Snoop Doggy Dogg deems a Sony Playstation more important than security, and I'm alarmed by the number of performers who ask for underwear.

Paul Lynde- Comedy Legend ( This site tells you almost everything you wanted to know about Paul Lynde but were afraid to ask, and also includes his recipe for beef stew.

The Brick Testament ( Enjoy important Biblical events as re-told using Lego bricks, plates, and minifigs!

Fametracker (htttp:// One of my favorite sites. Theperiodic Entertainment 101 updates are a hoot ("Spider-Man covered New York with 72.5 million pieces of webbing!"), and the most recent Galaxy of Fame made fun of both People's 50 Beautiful People list and Dirk Benedict. Yay.

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