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Brother Emsworth Sun May 12 22:55:31 2002
North by Northwest - 10

An excellent Hitchcock thriller, which I'd been meaning to see for some time but somehow never did prior to this weekend. Wonderfully intricate plotting, with plenty of twists and turns but no apparent plot holes, and fewer explosions then in most current "thrillers" as well (all right, one.) Cary Grant was excellent in the lead, and there is a strong chemistry between him and Eva Marie Saint, making their scenes and the dialogue seem even more daring. James Mason is fine as the suave enemy spy, Martin Landau effectively slimy as his henchman, and Leo G. Carroll was appropriately world-weary as "The Professor," the American espionage head. Jessie Royce Landis was very funny as Cary Grant's pampered mother, who refuses to believe her son's story. Bernard Hermann's score was fine as usual, and the dustcropper scene is indeed a classic.

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