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Michael Thu May 9 15:31:43 2002
Se7en - 9.0

Somehow managed to miss this one in 1995. So we rented it; since becoming aware of Brad Pitt we've realized we kinda like him, so we're going back and seeing some of his movies we've missed. Which weirdly turns out to be basically all of them.

Anyway, this was a challenging storyline; I wasn't able to predict some of it. I was pleasantly surprised to realize the bad guy was Kevin Spacey. And Morgan Freeman did some of the best dang acting I've ever seen him do -- and as I think Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors alive today, that's saying a lot. He tends to be typecast into the wise avuncular role, and this was no different, but this film gave him more to work with, more to express, than most I've seen him in. And he did it really well. I was quite impressed.

I enjoyed the seven-deadly-sins classical angle, although they could have done better with it.

Eh. Really good movie, but still left me thinking it could have been better. I hate that. When I was in high school, I did a poetry report. It was probably the best report in the class (rural high school, poetry, *you* do the math) but the teacher gave me a B. It was the first B he'd ever given me. I was shocked -- but he said, "Michael, I know you could have done better than that." Which was untrue. I thought it was pretty good for some schmuck at the poetic level of "Roses are red, violets are blue," but I guess he felt the need to do some pedagogy or something.

Now where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah. This movie gets a B because they could have done better.

Tirdun Fri May 10 07:53:21 2002
Re: Se7en - 9.0

It's odd, a buddy and I took our wives to see this in the theater. He'd seen it and I knew the level of gore/shock involved, so I was surprised my wife insisted on going. The ladies had originally planned to go so some hanky-flick together and changed their minds. I don't remember why.

ANYWAY, she was horrified by the movie, but later when the same buddy and I watched it on video, she sat in and liked it. Now, it's one of her favorite movies. Maybe sitting in the theater and being immersed in it was a bit much.

Overall, I really liked 7. I'd read Dante's _Inferno_ so I managed to follow allong without being spoon-fed the "here is the list of deadly sins" bit, and the killer was at least creative in his adaptations of most. I thought the movie started to really rush through the last couple, I guess moving towards the big climax and trying to stay under the GenX audience attention threshold. BTW: The DVD version has an alternate ending which I didn't really like as much.

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