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mouse Tue May 7 15:15:08 2002

by the way - guess i should have asked (but i didn't think he'd actually go to all that trouble) - i mentioned mouse v1.0 to lee herold on his forum, and he has very kindly put it up as my avatar (or whatever you call it there) - realized belatedly that since it was _your_ art, i should have asked permission first. so anyway - is it ok? (i could add 'as seen in toonbots' to my sig, if it would help)

Michael Wed May 8 11:48:45 2002
Re: forgiveness?

> is it ok?

Of course it's OK.

mouse Wed May 8 14:17:25 2002
Re: forgiveness?

> Of course it's OK.

good! 'cause i would _really_ feel bad asking him to take it off, after he went to the trouble of putting it up. (besides, i really like it)

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