Toonbots message board: Dec. 17 toon (Hooray!!!!)

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Lord Emsworth Sun Dec 17 18:20:36 2000
Dec. 17 toon (Hooray!!!!)

Ah, at last, the lark's on the wing, the snail's at the thorn, a new Toonbot is up, and all is right with the world! The new features should come in handy. Do wonder what heads might appear next though (or with which expressions.) A grateful jihad applauds you, sir!

Clap, Clap fzzt*


Joe Nadeau Sun Dec 17 19:08:41 2000
Re: Dec. 17 toon (Hooray!!!!)

I hope they manage to get talking socks. Then this would be the best toon in the...... place... you know... where they have toony things... and... ummm... yeah. I WON THE POPULAR VOTE!!! No I didn't.

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