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Michael Fri Apr 26 01:02:29 2002
Clockstoppers - 9.0

This movie, OK, it was a kids' movie, but wow, I liked it a lot! Especially if I tried really hard not to think about inconsistencies.

Damn. Now you've got me started.

I can go along with people touching the accelerated person getting accelerated -- but I'm sorry, the *cars* they're sitting in can't be in the acceleration nimbus, otherwise you have to ask about the planet they're standing on, which obviously *doesn't ever* get accelerated.

Also, to get their friend to breakdance like that, our hero and heroine would have to spend a *whole lot* of subjective time moving him slightly. Unlikely that they'd be able to detect the beat well enough at that speed to make it at all rhythmical. Sigh. Oh well, I suppose some of that is just Star Trek physics a la Jonathon Frakes. Still and all -- a darned good movie.

And is that female lead a hottie or what? Woo baby! Although I have to say, I watched Barney this morning (hey, so my boy has pneumonia and I spent a little time holding him on my lap, sue me) and one girl on there looked a *heckuva* lot like this Paula Garces. The font of all wisdom (IMDb) offers no confirmation of this theory, but boy was she the spittin image.

My daughter (who just tested for her tae kwon do yellow belt) liked the scene best where Francesca kicks Doppler in the face. Twice. Personally, I liked the scene right *after* that, where Francesca comes out of the shower dressed in a towel.

Anyway, this movie was quite enjoyable, although the critics didn't think too highly of it. Sheesh. What do they know?

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