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Michael Wed Apr 17 00:01:37 2002
Cool Emsworth

Something else I wanted to scan -- this is off the birthday card Emsworth sent me. I believe it's Otu. (I've finally managed to sit down and figure out the scanner configuration -- it's a nice scanner, with a row of six scan buttons, each of which can be configured with a separate setup in the software, the setup also including a destination application. So I could kick off workflow processes from this scanner. Assuming I knew how to configure it. Which I now do.)

Brother Emsworth the Cool Wed Apr 17 00:32:04 2002
Re: Cool Emsworth

Awwww. Otu did look adorably festive, didn't he? Yay! Glad you appreciated it, M. Roberts.

Need to see about re-installing my own scanner soon so I can start submitting wolverine renderings again (also considering scanning a few old photos for usein future Toonbots fan code, if additional characters are allowed so long as we provide the photos.) Unfortunately, have to un-install my current printer to do so, and still need that to print out my scholarship appeal statement and also if I ever finish my animation articles to submit to Apatoons. Le sigh.

mouse Wed Apr 17 16:07:40 2002
Re: Cool Emsworth

otu _is_ charming, as always.

_i_ have a perfectly good scanner which i even know how to use (preen, preen) - no drawing skills, however.

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