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Michael Sat Mar 30 22:05:35 2002
Go IU!

I'd like to remind all and sundry that I live in Bloomington, Indiana. We have a nice 15,000-person mob (I estimate) on Kirkwood Avenue this evening (I still hear the news helicopters, although the many sirens and most of the car horns seem to have died down.) I went down there at maybe 8:30. Not much nudity yet, sad to say, and no property damage either. Too boring to stick around, so I came home.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens if IU actually takes the championship... I happen to do T'ai Chi with the Chief of Police and he had some entertaining tales to recount of past mayhem. I'm looking forward to it. Curse or no, I *like* living in interesting times.

Not as interesting as Israel and Palestine, though. That's a little too real for me.

Michael Tue Apr 2 11:06:59 2002
There is no joy in Mudville

The mighty Casey has struck out.

Tirdun Tue Apr 2 14:21:40 2002
Re: There is no joy in Mudville

> The mighty Casey has struck out.

Well, I'll refrain from gloating, but as a former Terp and as a resident... I was cheering for the other guys. However, given my general disinterest in basketball, I really wasn't all that excited.

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