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Michael Thu Mar 14 00:34:06 2002
Kate & Leopold - 8.0

Leopold (also, see, known as WOLVERINE) completely and utterly rocked in this movie. Should I myself perchance be catapulted a hundred years into the future, I could only hope to react with equal aplomb. I also venture to suggest that penning a missive by candlelight using a quill must certainly be God's own way to bring word to paper. (Although, truth be told, I suspect that had Leopold used an authentic period manuscript, Kate -- and the cinema-going public -- should have had a great deal more trouble deciphering his intended words.)

The mad-scientist boyfriend Stu was a stunning, if sadly underused, supporting part in this movie. His time travel, however, was wracked with inconsistencies. I hate that. If you're going to drop a couple hundred thousand on effects (which everybody who's anybody does, these days) then why on God's green EARTH would you neglect to ask a grad student or two to tell you whether or not your script is an intellectual insult? Which, granted, this wasn't, quite.

Meg Ryan played the same part she always plays, doubtlessly ate the same lunches and read the same novels while she sleepwalked her way through getting the mail from Seattle and even went versus a volcano or something. At some point she really should break some new ground, or retire or something. Yeah, she played it well, but ... jeez.

But all in all, I really liked this one. It'd have a 9.0 if they'd bothered to make the time travel plot consistent. Too much trouble, apparently.

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