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Tirdun Tue Jan 22 10:18:47 2002

OK, trying to get guest strips done, but I suck at keeping track of XML and the toon-o-matic's rules... so I want to apologize in advance to Michael (who'll be debugging, I'm sure) and to everyone who's going to have to put up with them.

ANYWAY, enjoy.

mouse Tue Jan 22 16:15:20 2002

> OK, trying to get guest strips done

does this mean michael 'volunteered' you? man, he's tricksy, that one.

> ANYWAY, enjoy.

looking forward to it.

Tirdun Tue Jan 22 19:44:32 2002

> does this mean michael 'volunteered' you?

No. Foul muse struck, then reloaded and blasted me in the head. Then she pulled out her golf clubs and began whacking. Then she got mean.

> looking forward to it.

Oh, you say that NOW.

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