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Michael Sat Jan 19 13:00:34 2002

As you may have noticed, I posted a looooong episode yesterday. I've got one more from mouse, and Tirdun just sent me one as well. I personally am feeling a lot better -- I think maybe I was just sick. This virus thingy this year was pretty nasty, and with kids in the house, illnesses can get pretty strung out. Anyway, could be that I'll be un-hiatusing soon. Just so ya knows.

mouse Sat Jan 19 13:36:45 2002
Re: Hiatustatus

hadn't realized you were sick (i wondered why you weren't talking to us) - hope you are better now. (just out of curiousity - does home schooling seem to reduce illness incidence? i ask because all my colds are now supplied by co-workers, who get them from their kids, who bring them home from school [ah, the joys of sharing!])

i was a little crushed to not be up today (altho i do realize there was a lot of text - maybe you could do a sort of 'star wars' scroll thing with it....) but was mollified by appearing in cameo (and amused by my apparent ability to terrorize mao, len _and_ will - power, i love it!) - although a little concerned that you appear to be channeling me in the blurb (especially after pv's accusation about the mind meld - this could start all sorts of ugly rumors). but it was funny, which is the main thing.

anyway, glad you're back!

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