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Michael Sat Jan 19 12:30:53 2002
Starship Troopers - 9

Good flick. I saw it in the theaters, too, but we rented it again last night. I've got to find the book and reread it; there's obviously a lot of the original Heinlein in the movie, but I don't remember the book itself very clearly, and after my experiences with the Lord of the Rings I'm sure I've forgotten it completely.

But (aside from a few cheesy moments) this movie was well-made and fun to watch.

mouse Sat Jan 19 13:30:16 2002
Re: Starship Troopers - 9

i've been looking for the book, too (sporadically) - because i found the movie rather disturbing - and yet there were such interesting possibilities, too. i mean, you had a culture of bugs with at least 4 species working together - how did that happen? what else was going on with them (besides the war -- which the movie at least suggested was due more to imperialism of the humans than to aggression by the bugs) yes, yes, i know - very few even scientifically-oriented sf authors have ever really considered the things that drive cultures, or bother to work out how a given culture could actually function, let alone such things as altruistic vs. symbiotic behavior between species (no, i have no issues with the "science" presented in popular entertainment)....where was i? - oh yeah- such a brutal and violent human society, with such an odd allocation of resources (they clearly have artificial limbs, yet they can't manage to supply them to a recruiting officer?) - and the neil patrick harris character was just downright....well, he's what hitler would have gone for, if he'd had the technology.

the bugs were pretty cool, though.

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