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Napoleon Sat Dec 2 01:31:29 2000

This conversation happened approximately three minutes ago in the strange little land wherein weirdos have been known to hang. It's a Choose Your Own Slogan Spectacular!


Jenny says, "'Toonbots: it's like a pay phone.'"

Chris says, "'Toonbots: I've never understood you people either.'"

Jenny says, "'Toonbots: because most of us don't have doors.'"

Chris says, "'Toonbots: we don't need no stinkin' artists.'"

Chris says, "'Toonbots: The difference between an orange.'"

Jenny says, "'Toonbots: now with Jihad.'"

Jenny says, "That one could stand some rewording, I think, actually."

Jenny says, "'Toonbots: dot, bot, dot, bot, dot, bot, fun!'"

Jenny says, "'Fun!' could also be 'Yay!' or 'Whee!' if you like."

Chris says, "'Toonbots: Giving Patrick Shaughnessy a run for his money.'"

Jenny says, "'Toonbots: the reason for Perl's existence.'"

Chris says, "'Toonbots: the reason for YOUR existence.'"

Jenny says, "'Toonbots: more fun than picking glass out of your eyes for three weeks.'"

Jenny says, "That one's a bit of a niche slogan."

Chris says, ""'Toonbots: Where do you want to go today?' You have to be cool to get the humor."

Jenny says, "Any more before I post this on the Toonbots board? ;)"

Chris says, "'Toonbots: Too cool for Keenspot.'"

Jenny says, "Spoony yeah!"


Thank you.

Chris Sat Dec 2 01:41:05 2000
Re: 'Toonbots: [INSERT SLOGAN HERE.]'

> This conversation happened approximately three minutes ago in the strange
> little land wherein weirdos have been known to hang.

So that's what it's called now? That's noose to me.


*is killed repeatedly from all corners of the Jihad, including ringers specially brought in for the occasion*

Um... Napoleon made me post it... not that it matters now, I've been killed so much I'm dead even in the afterlife, thank you all very much...

My lawyers, or reanimated facsimiles thereof, will be contacting each and every one of you shortly.

Lord Emsworth Sat Dec 2 02:42:35 2000
Re: 'Toonbots: [INSERT SLOGAN HERE.]'

Hmm... Excellent idea from our beloved High Chancellor and Chris. Hope no one minds if I try my hand at it:

Toonbots: The world's first comic generated by Perl scripts

Toonbots: Where unorthadoxitude is our number one goal

Toonbots: Give me Toonbots or give me defenestration

Toonbots: Today the panels, tomorrow the features, Toonbots marches on

Toonbots: Join the PAFTWJ today!

Toonbots: At last, a comic for Perl devotees

Toonbots: Where bounding blocks offer political satire

Toonbots: Where gopherine dots offer hidden insights

Toonbots: Trout!

Toonbots: Providing Perls of wisdom

Toonbots: Perl White

Toonbots: Radiant gradients

Toonbots: For lovers of pseudo-intellectual art critcism

Toonbots: For the love of the dot

Toonbots: Where the Seuss is loose

Toonbots: Please read the strip and prove that we're not the only ones who stare at this thing everyday

Toonbots: It's what's for dinner

Toonbots: Be happy, go lucky, read Toonbots today

Toonbots: You know what you've got with Toonbots

Toonbots: Better than a laxative

Toonbots: Even Pooga likes it

Toonbots: One out of several gophers recommend Toonbots

Toonbots: Now in six delicious flavors

Toonbots: The strip that glorifies your hare

Toonbots: The foaming cleanser

Toonbots: Always good to the last dot

Toonbots: Just because

Toonbots: A veritable feast of reason and flow of soul

Toonbots: For the smile of health

Toonbots: The drinking man's webcomic

Toonbots: More pipe smokers use Prince Albert Tobacco

Toonbots: A very fishy strip

Toonbots: They're still rather badly wrinkled


Toonbots: Read it now, or Butch will find you

Toonbots: Boontots

Toonbots: Monkey!

Toonbots: You're minkey is breaking the leew!

Toonbots: A Toonbot by any other name would still like salmon

Toonbots: Source code provided with each strip absolutely free! Order now!

Toonbots: Daylight has come and we wanna go home

Toonbots: Even without the captions, its still better than "Mallard Fillmore"

Toonbots: Please read it

Toonbots: Home of the Amazing Toon-a-Matic

Toonbots: Beyond a shadow of the dot

Toonbots: You ain't just whistling Dixie, Baby

Toonbots: Close captioned for the Toonbot impaired

Toonbots: So round, so firm, so fully packed

Toonbots: The Toon-a-Matic slices, dices, and even makes cake

Toonbots: Over half a dozen readers can't be wrong

(Gosh, I really need to get some rest.)

gopher Sat Dec 2 02:52:39 2000
Re: 'Toonbots: [INSERT SLOGAN HERE.]'

> Toonbots: One out of several gophers recommend Toonbots

I've always wondered what sort of person takes on the name gopher. In my case, it was forced upon me by several people so that I could serve as a complement to another person's nickname of "Blue Gay Bunny" (I'm pretty sure drugs were involved with that one. I wasn't there, however, so can't say for sure). Soon, a few people started calling me "gopher" on a regular basis, and it stuck. Since I doubt a situation like this happens to the average person, why are there other gopher's out there? Do they just really like "Caddyshack"?

Hm. I should probably get some rest too.

Joe Nadeau Sat Dec 2 17:13:17 2000
Re: 'Toonbots: [INSERT SLOGAN HERE.]'

Do they just really like "Caddyshack"?

I like Caddyshack. It's funny. As for your slogan here's my shot. toonbots: Ummmm..... hmmmm..... ahhhh..... Maybe..... no that won't work.... okay..... If you like.... no... that's dumb.......... I forget what I was...... oh wait..... no.... Nevermind.

Michael Sat Dec 2 15:44:38 2000
Re: 'Toonbots: [INSERT SLOGAN HERE.]'

> Hope no
> one minds if I try my hand at it:

This is great! On Dec. 1 and 2, I got to read Toonbots without writing it myself, and today, people are writing my website for me! Wow!

> Toonbots: Boontots

Or Toobnots, or Totnoobs, etc.

> Toonbots: Over half a dozen readers can't be wrong

Hahahahaha.... This one I really liked!

Michael Sat Dec 2 15:32:32 2000
Wow. I'm touched.

I'm touched, and you're all a little tetched. I still have troubles believing that people actually read this strip. But to come up with Zingers... !!! *&^@#*$% and other line noise!

I'm going to have to put together a slogan rotator now, so a different slogan comes up on every hit. That'll be cool, and obviously I have a whole lotta slogans ready to go!

Toonbots: now with Jihad!

Napoleon Sat Dec 2 17:28:11 2000
Re: Wow. I'm touched.

Here's some more!

Toonbots: hey, this thing took fifteen minutes to create (ten of those minutes being in the background while the meta-cartoonist was doing billable work in the foreground), the least you could do is devote your entire existence to it!

Toonbots: like you have anything better to do.

Toonbots: look, how many times do I have to tell you?! Just READ the thing!

Toonbots: the bounding boxes that shape your world.

Toonbots: meta-cartooning at its meta-finest.

This is fun.

Michael Sun Dec 3 10:21:40 2000
Toonbots: too cool for Keenspot.

> Chris says, "'Toonbots: Too cool for Keenspot.'"

Heh, heh, heh.

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