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Michael Mon Dec 24 21:31:18 2001
Merry Christmas!

All you crazies.

mouse Tue Dec 25 14:59:09 2001
Re: Merry Christmas!

> All you crazies.

and to you and yours, nut.

Emsworth Wed Dec 26 00:48:43 2001
Re: Merry Christmas!

> and to you and yours, nut.

Confess to having certain opinions on imputations of insanity in general (regardless of which quarter delivers them), and particularly during this time. (Though there have been moments when the Wodehousian appellation of "faceless fiend" has seemed not entirely inappropriate in describing the meta-cartoonist.)

(More seriously, belated peace on earth and goodwill towards as many living creatures as possible.)

::wolverines joyfully devour the remaining wreaths, and little Otu bathes in thecranberry sauce::

Eric Schissel Wed Dec 26 07:01:47 2001
Re: Merry Christmas!

Can only agree with Emsworth- _all_ counts.

Happy eating, to wolverines; to everyone...

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