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Michael Tue Dec 4 00:46:50 2001
K-PAX - I can't decide

I can't even figure out whether or not I liked it. Damn psychobabble. I realized about halfway through that as a long-time sci-fi reader I was approaching the movie the wrong way: I had implicitly assumed that he *was* from K-PAX. But instead you were expected (apparently) to assume he wasn't -- but then experience the wonder of not being sure. Or something.

Oh, yeah, sure -- I got all teary at the end and all; movies which underline how important your spouse and kids are to you do that to me, even when heavy-handed. (I mist up at country music, too.) But normally I go to the movies for a sense of escape from the pedestrian cares of life, and I didn't get that from this one. Instead I came out with a sense of vulnerability to the vagaries of fate.

But enough about the story, I feel like analyzing the acting, too.

Kevin Spacey seems to be trying *too* hard lately to create the perfect role. I went to this one because I figured, as a Kevin Spacey vehicle, it must be pretty good. I was right, of course, but it didn't knock my socks off like, say, The Usual Suspects (Lattom az ordog magat! A Keyser Soze-t! Yeah, Hungarian Apes.)

And Jeff Bridges. I'm sorry, but does the guy *always* act like the Star Man after he's nearly dead? It's like he just got back from the dentist and his mouth is still anaesthetized. And his eyes don't focus. The man just drives me crazy with this.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to figure out whether I liked this.

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