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Michael Mon Dec 3 02:12:01 2001
Spy Games - 9

I liked this movie a lot, except for two things. First, the story didn't surprise me a whole lot. I was expecting something like Sneakers, which had me off balance repeatedly. With this one ... dang, I really want a spoiler here, but I'm not gonna do it. Suffice it to say that one sentence said in Beirut resolved the outcome of the movie for me.

The second thing I didn't like was that they were too damned cheap to go take a couple shots of Berlin when they said they were in Berlin. There is an initial shot of a bridge when they introduce the Germany flashback, and then after that story they have a nicely shot scene on top of a big building which is also allegedly in Berlin (the camerawork is breathtaking here.) The only problem? The bridge is the Ferenchid over the Danube in Budapest, and the shot of the tall building shows the Szent Istvan Basilica several times, and culminates with a clear view of the castle and Szent Matyas Cathedral on the horizon. Additionally, a surprising number of East Berlin policemen speak German with a markedly Hungarian accent. That much didn't bother me in the least, but really -- what would it have cost to take pictures of East Berlin? Maybe East Berlin no longer looks sufficiently Eastern European, I don't know. It was nice to see readily identifiable footage of Budapest in a movie, though. And it wouldn't have fit with the story at all to have called it Budapest. But I'll bet the shots of Hong Kong are really Hong Kong. (Not, of course, that I have any idea at all.)

But besides that rant -- I really, really liked this movie. It didn't fare too well with the critics, but the IMDb has 7.6 as of this writing. I'll go with the geeks. Good flick. I recommend it.

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