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Michael Sat Nov 17 23:58:31 2001
The Heist - 9.5

Any movie which can keep me guessing this long (i.e. right to the point where they rolled the credits -- and even then I thought there might be yet another twist coming) is a good movie. A little too gritty-reality for my taste (due to all those French people in the credits, no doubt) but -- answer me straight -- is Gene Hackman *ever* going to age, really? The man got to crusty-nearly-retired-guy stage maybe ten years ago and has frozen in place ever since. The one thing about Gene Hackman -- he rocks. He *always* plays it cool. I want to be Gene Hackman when I grow up. I would vote for his Presidency in a heartbeat.

Go see this one. Tell'em I sent you.

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