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Michael Sun Sep 30 18:29:03 2001
Lord of the Rings

I've just started rereading it, wanting to do so before the movie comes out in December -- and ... and ... well -- I haven't read the Lord of the Rings since I was about sixteen. Now I'm 34. And I have to say that the experience of reading this book is staggeringly deeper than I remember. Howard Tayler said much the same thing, and I see why.

Wow. What a book! (I did read the Hobbit recently as well, but my copy of the LotR was lent to a friend and to the best of my knowledge, it's still in a shopping bag at his mother's house. But lord, his mother talks and talks, and I don't want to go get it because I don't *have* several hours for chit-chat. So I broke down and bought a new copy, which has better cover art anyway.)

Tirdun Mon Oct 1 06:22:53 2001
Re: Lord of the Rings

I think I've read LoTR and Hitchiker's guide... and Stranger in a Strange Land more than any other books ever. Probably dozens of times each. I finally wore out my old Tolkien collection and my wife bought me a beautiful hardcover slipcase version.

The new trailer for the LoTR movie still gives me goosebumps after watching it for the 20th time. I was ready to hate Peter Jackson if he fouled it up, but it looks like he's actually trying to be faithful to the book. Most notable (for me) is that the gates of Moria in the trailer are done EXACTLY as drawn by Tolkien... OK, so he's adding a bit to some parts and nixing some stuff, he's got to fit it all in three movies after all. I'm going to go watch the trailer again.

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