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mouse Sat Sep 29 15:25:49 2001
osama and the wolverines

excellent again! bravo, wolverines! and of course, osama must now leave afghanistan, or stay in jail there till his beard grows back. he'd be a lot easier for the taliban to find in jail. we better all hope he's not holding the taliban's car keys or something, the way they keep losing him. (or maybe they could _give_ him their car keys, on one of those keychains that beeps when you clap your hands -- then they could keep track of him.)

this also suggests a possible real-life solution to the situation: what if we drop depilatories into the Kandahar and Kabul water supplies - this would immediately discredit the ruling members of the taliban when their beards fell off, leading to their overthrow by a popular rebellion lead by the women (who would demonstrate some _real_ terrorizing once they discover the taliban is responsible for their hair falling out - talk about a bad hair day). once a new government is in power, we could easily negotiate for info on osama's whereabouts [possibly by offering to trade a selection of false beards and wigs]

you know, that lenin could be a real terror in the talk show world.

Michael Sun Sep 30 13:02:22 2001
Re: osama and the wolverines

> excellent again! bravo, wolverines!

Those wacky wolverines.

> and of course, osama must now leave
> afghanistan,

He has to anyway: the Taliban has asked him to leave. Of course, at the same time, they CAN'T FIND HIM, so I'm not sure.

mouse Sun Sep 30 13:32:04 2001
Re: osama and the wolverines

yeah, see, that's why he needs the beeping keychain thing. he's probably just under a pile of korans or something--you know, you spend all your time in prayer and study and the housekeeping just kinda gets away from you. altho today he is 'under their control' -- not sure that's something _i'd_ want to admit.

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